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Pattern Bundle Zeta bikini pattern + Blitz tights pattern


Pattern Bundle Great value!
Zeta bikini pattern + Blitz tights pattern + Pattern hack to Blitz tights
Pattern can be printed on U S paper & size A4 paper.
Women size XS to 3XL
Swim Style pattern bundle of our active style Zeta bikini with the Blitz ¾ Gym tights.
As the Zeta top is a perfect partner to the Blitz tights, it makes sense to pair these 2 patterns together. Both feature dynamic style lines.
This pattern bundle will take you from Gym to Swim with its Gym Style Zeta top, Blitz ¾ tights & High waisted seamless swimwear bottoms.
This pattern bundle also includes Pattern hack to Blitz tights. Extra wide waist & leg bands as shown in Black & white pictures of this listing.
This bundle includes 6 files

Zeta bikini pattern by Swim Style Australia.
Crop top /High waist bikini
-Active styling
-Removable cup inserts
-Double layer of Lined front section
-Binding detail at top edges which extend into shoulder straps.
-Adjustable shoulder straps.
-sturdy casing at the lower edge of top to add to the support.
The top includes 2 layers of lining at the front to insert removable cups.

High waist seamless briefs of Zeta bikini pattern
-Fully lined front & back
-Seamless finish on legs (Will not cut in)
-Styled high waist & sleek modern style
-Comfortable to wear.

Blitz 3/4 tights sewing pattern by Swim style
Women`s Size 8 to 20 or XS to XXXL
-Length 3/4
-Finished with waist band & leg bands.
-Styled to create to dynamic lines & colour blocking.
– 4 panels leg each side.
-The possibilities are endless with this dynamic design.

Pattern Hack Blitz tights
This hack includes pattern tiles for an Extra wide waist band & Extra wide leg bands.
The original Waist & Leg bands on the blitz tights pattern are a slimline style.
The pattern hack bands are double the width of the original pattern.
This is a simple pattern hack, no changes in sewing method or fabric allowances of original patterns.

About these patterns -Sewing Level Intermediate
Sewing instructions include Metric & Imperial measurements.
You will find more information about each pattern on each of the individual pattern listings.
Blitz 3/4 tights pattern
Blitz pattern hack
Zeta Swim /Gym bikini pattern.


Product Description

6 files

Blitz sewing instructions + pattern tiles

Blitz Pattern hack sewing instructions + pattern tiles

Zeta bikini Sewing instructions

Zeta group 1 pattern tiles no 1 to no 8 High waist briefs Zeta

Zeta group 2 pattern tiles no 9 to 16 High waist briefs Zeta

Zeta group 3 pattern tiles no 17 to 28 Zeta top