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Pattern Hack Oceania Mid Cheeky briefs


Pattern Hack for Oceania pattern by Swim Style

This pattern includes sewing instructions & pattern tiles of back sections for Mid Cheeky back briefs.

Instructions are written in Metric & Imperial measurements.

Pattern tiles can be printed out on A4 & US paper sizes.

This is not a complete pattern, it is designed to be used with the Oceania pattern which can be purchases on

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Product Description

Free pattern Hack/ Variation for Oceania bikini pattern.
Our Oceania pattern is super cheeky, this free add on is cut with a little more coverage at the back legs.
Mid Cheeky briefs pattern hack version offers a little more coverage at the back legs while still maintaining the Cheeky style cut.
All edges are finished in the seamless style & bikini is fully lined.
The front remains the same cut as original Oceania pattern.
This pattern hack includes set of pattern tiles for new Mid cheeky back style.
Pattern of Outer & lining back sections for Cheeky briefs style + sewing instructions.
This pattern hack is not a complete pattern.
This pattern hack is designed to be added to the Oceania pattern by Swim style.
Oceania bikini pattern is available at