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  • Creative projects by Swim style

    This page is dedicated to special projects created using Swim style patterns.
    Not tutorials but suggestions & ideas to make swimwear.
    Embellished high waist bikini

    A few months ago, I purchased this amazing stretch swimwear laces & elastics from Pitttrading in Sydney.
    The lace I choose to use for this project,is about 30cm or 12 inches wide. I purchased a metre / a little over a yard of this magnificent piece. ( The remainder & and other laces & elastics are hanging in the background, as they are so pretty!)
    It stretches both ways and can be cut to any shape.
    After many weeks of admiring it, I decided on making a high waist bikini with a bandeau style top.
    I thought it would be nice to add the lace in a diagonal shape, continuing around the body. Free form style.
    I used the Vera bandeau bikini top pattern & the High waist bottoms are from the High waist collective bikini pattern. The Zeta bikini pattern also included these bottoms.

    I was not sure where to start really with this project!
    I began with the bottoms and cut the lace out in a rough shape to start with.
    I simply laid out the front & back outer sections. Cut into the lace which was nerve-racking!

    Next step, I made up the bottoms, leaving the waist band off for now.
    Once I looked at the lace wrapped around the bottoms section, I decided it was to heavy & wide for the piece. I decided to change my vision into using smaller pieces on the Swim suit.

    I added the band and finished the bottoms. I cut the lace down to smaller pieces.
    Then I fitted the bottoms on the mannequin to pin the lace on. The pins in the band are markers to help place the lace.

    At this point I thought the best way to attach the lace would be to use tiny clear press duds. This idea makes sense as you could remove the lace and wear it as a block / plain style.
    Once I realized how long it was going to take me, as there would be a lot of press duds, I decided to machine stitch it on using short rows of bar tack stitch about the length of 6mm or ΒΌ inch.
    I stitched through all layers of lace, outer section & lining.
    I then tried it back on the mannequin to find any more pieces that needed stitching down. The bar tack stitches were about 5cm or 2 inches apart. I just stitched in enough places to attach the lace securely. Repeated the process to attach the lace to the top section.

    This is not the most practical project, simply a bit of fun playing with special swimwear stretch laces.
    And yes, you could certainly swim in this creation!
    If you are wondering, I purchased the lace & lycra (colour Sage )fabric from Pitttrading in Sydney Australia .
    Patterns by Swim Style
    Collective high waist Vera bandeau bikini top Zeta bikini pattern

    This is one example of how you could apply swimwear lace.
    This project was very time consuming & I did enjoy the process.
    Its lovely to embark on a creative venture that takes you out of your comfort zone.
    Until next time, Happy sewing!

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