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  • Inspirational Swim Style makes

    This page is dedicated to our Inspirational Swim Style makers! 
    Amy Nicole from Amy Nicole Studio
    I was very impressed by this remarkable young lady. 
    Amy is the owner /creator of Amy Nicole Studio. 
    I have been following Amy Nicole Studio on 
    Instagram for a while now. 
    Then progress pictures of her swim suit make popped up on my feed. 
    Amy has now written a very comprehensive review of her Swim Style Celeste pattern 
    on her blog. 
    Like many of us, she changed a few small details to suit her own personal style.
    As creative minds, I love to see how people use the patterns to create their 
    own signature style.
    Amy has written a very informative review of her Celeste bikini pattern make.

    Amy Nicole wearing her Celeste bikini make!

    A little about Amy Nicole studio 
    In Amy`s words 
    Amy Nicole Studio is my creative home on the web.  
    Here, you will find an inside look at my process as a seamstress, 
    tutorials that will help to 
    improve your own sewing skills, free sewing-related printables, 
    and projects you can re-create.  
    From time to time I may also share articles 
    of interest related to the sewing and fashion world, 
    as well as collaborations with fellow sewing bloggers.
    Life story so far.
    This girl has very inspirational story of 
    How she changed her career expectations from acting to 
    Fashion design. 
    Life in New York ,studying at the Fashion institute of technology 
    and graduating with a Associatesin Fashion Design. 
    To read the entire article 
    click My Story 
    I loved reading about your story so far Amy, 
    and I look forward to watching 
    your creative future ahead.

    Celeste bikini pattern Made by Amy Nicole Studio


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