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    Cristy from love you sew 
    has just uploaded a review of the Grace Rashie suit. Like many of our talented seamstresses,this girl had added her own creative twist.

    You can read about how Cristy inserted a full length zipper into the Grace suit, using the top version. Its also very interesting to read about what stitches she used. We all have a unique collection of machines and have to adapt, which stitches to use on each project we sew.

    Cristy writes very informative, constructive reviews on many of her sewing projects. I was very impressed by this blog/website. Cristy is a talented writer, who has created a very professional website.
    To read more on Cristy`s sewing reviews and the Grace suit click here love you sew
    You can also follow on insta Loveyousew


    This very talented lady is a wiz at Instagram sharing the most beautiful images.If you haven’t heard of this wonderful blog site yet, you are missing out!

    You can follow here https://www.instagram.com/lilysageandco/
    Debbie stitches a wide variety of clothing, always creative and adding her special interpretation of the latest trends.
    Debbie has made up the Heiress bikini pattern & the Rashie pattern.

    To read this informative review on Swim Style patterns click below.


    You will enjoy this blog as Debbie shares her knowledge of fashion & stitching the latest trends.
    Lily & Sage 2https://sewinprogress.com/

    Sew-In-Progress has stitched up the Chic Bikini pattern by Swim Style. This is one of our most advanced patterns, If you asked me which one was the most difficult to do in the Swim Style range,I would say the Chic Bandeau. This informative review is filled with tips & tricks, pictures and Sew In Progress overall view of the pattern.

    Women`s Sunlover bikini pattern review by Sew-in-Progress
    Medi from Sew-in-Progress has stitched up our Women`s Sun lover bikini top. I love the sporty look with the dynamic emerald green & black combination.To go straight to the review click here https://sewinprogress.com/2015/12/05/activewear-for-the-beach-sun-lover-bikini-top-and-bottom/

    cover-02Sew-in-progress is a very informative site. Here you will find articles & reviews on trend fashion, swimwear & some fabulous hand knitted garments.


    Check out our review on Women`s Sun lover pattern from Carly in Stitches.

    This talented lady writes a wonderful blog full of constructive information on her sewing journey. If you enjoy reading sewing blogs this one is a must!


    Cover pic Sun lover pic 1

    Cover pic Sun lover pic 2

    Carly in Sunlover 01 Carly in Sunlover 02indigo-ruche-briefs-with-sophie-top-pattern-copy
    One our favourite sewing bloggers Carly in Stitches has made a bikini using our Indigo Ruche pattern for the briefs.
    Read this very informative review on the link below.
    Indigo Ruche pattern Women
    Click on the link below to shop Indigo Ruche pattern.
    https://swimstyle.com.au/product/indigo-ruche-bikini-pattern-womencover-01Debbie Rashie & Heiress pattern cropped

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