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  • Grace Rashie pattern V Gina Rashie pattern

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    Justine Cowie

    I recently received a question on the difference between the Grace Rashie suit & top pattern V the Gina Rashie pattern.

    It probably comes down to your style preference in the end ,here are a few key details.

    The Grace pattern includes 2 sleeve lengths short & long length.
    This pattern also includes a rashie top length.
    The Grace suit features 1 extra panel at the sides.
    This pattern is a very versatile pattern with more variations.
    The Gina pattern is a closer fit then the Grace pattern.
    It is cut closer to the body. Its intended to be a little tighter then the Grace suit.
    The Gina pattern includes 1 style of sleeve Cap sleeve.
    The Gina pattern includes extra panels at the front & back.
    Both patterns share the same collar & chunky exposed zip front.
    The sleeves on both patterns can be interchanged, all 3 sleeve lengths of the 2 patterns will fit both the Grace & Gina pattern.
    The Gina pattern is great for mixing many colours together & the Grace pattern will show of that lovely print more.


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