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  • Makers We Admire: Dei, from Sewhotmommi

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    Justine Cowie

    This week on Makers We Admire we have spoken with someone who makes me want to sew everything she makes! Dei, from @sewhotmommi.

    Dei has always stood out to me by having such a chic, curated style. You can expect to see very clean lines and some beautiful pops of colour.  Not to mention her incredible sewing skills. Dei has a fantastic blog you can visit here. In the meantime get to know Dei a little better in our Q&A below.

    Tell us your name & Instagram name? 

    I'm Dei and you can find me on Instagram and other social media as @sewhotmommi.

    Is there a person or a reason that made you begin your sewing journey? 

    I began sewing purely because my Barbie dolls needed a more couture wardrobe, so my nine year old self became an ad hoc fashion designer.

    Do you look for a pattern that will work for an idea you already have or do you browse patterns with an open mind? 

    I do a little of both. Sometimes I'm inspired by a look I've seen and will select patterns to hack to achieve the look. Other times I will look through patterns I already have or what's new and use that to create.

    We love how you style your sewing creations, do you always try to style your makes back with a certain trend or accessory? Or is it more how you feel when you wear the final outfit?

    I definitely sew with a style in mind. I love looking at trends and letting that color what I make. But I am strategic because I like for the garment to fit into my existing wardrobe, so that usually includes accessorizing. I love shoes...who doesn't, so I'm always pairing them with my makes, even while I'm sewing. It's all about the vision. 🙂

    What has been your most satisfying make so far? And why?

    Without question my most satisfying make has been my "Scandal Coat". I made this back when Scandal was huge and the character, Olivia Pope, would wear the loveliest coats. I made one in honor of her style. It took a lot of tailoring and time and I'm so proud of the skill set that I developed. Of course, I still wear it.

    What part of the creative and practical sewing process do you enjoy the most?

    I absolutely love the planning. I have a healthy fabric stash, so I will spend hours laying out my fabrics and developing a collection or theme. I then pair them with patterns that are on my radar. It's all about the excitement of potential. If I had to pick one part of the crafting process, it would be hand-stitching. It's so tactile and relaxing. It forces you to slow down and allows for ultimate manipulation of your fabric.

    What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

    Oh there are a couple...

    • Lounge wear i.e. comfy styles
    • Capes
    • Baggy/Mom jeans
    • Brown neutral tones (camel is my fave)

    Do you have a favourite Swim Style pattern? 

    I'm new to the company, but I'm so loving the "High Waist" pants pattern. I have the perfect fabric for it. 

    Styled with the Velma Top pattern

    Styled with the Billow Sleeve Knit pattern

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