Women`s Sun lover bikini pdf sewing pattern by Swim Style

Sun lover women`s Bikini High & low waist included

Sun lover women`s Bikini High & low waist included

Our new Women`s Sun lover bikini pattern has arrived at Swim Style! Sent to you by email within 24 hours of purchase, only 16 pattern tiles to assemble. It wont be long and you will be stitching up our latest design. This new style is a multi-size pattern size 8 to 16 . Our instructions include Metric & Imperial. Step by step sewing instructions with illustrations ,we also include instructions on how to print & assemble the pdf sewing pattern.


Swim style Easy shorts sewing pattern arriving soon


Easy Shorts sewing pattern by Swim Style

Easy Shorts sewing pattern by Swim Style

Now that we have your attention! Swim style Easy shorts pattern .This little number will be very easy to make, so easy it can be made out of woven or knit fabric.

This pattern could be used to sew up a pair of crisp cotton shorts for a hot sunny day or made out of a comfy knit fabric to laze around in. Whichever fabric you choose this project is very easy.Our Swim style  Easy shorts pattern will included sizes 8 to18.Available in paper & pdf versions.

Release date Late July

Basic bikini pattern available very soon!

Basic bikini sewing pattern by Swim Style

Basic bikini sewing pattern by Swim Style

Basic bikini sewing pattern by Swim style

We have been working on the final touches to our Basic bikini sewing pattern.

The top features sewn in padding to give it an ultra modern look! Finished with binding and a casing at the lower edges. Top is fully lined.

Swim briefs are fully lined & feature binding at the top edge

Swim style lessons This pattern has been designed for our sewing course lessons 2 & 3.In lesson 2 & 3 you will learn to sew binding ,stitch padding into a  top section &sew a standard swimwear hem using elastic. We will also teach you how to  sew fully lined pants with no visible seams showing inside.  

New pdf sewing pattern.Easy Crop top & Gym shorts by Swim Style Australia

Easy crop top & Gym shorts

Easy crop top & Gym shorts

Easy Crop top & Gym shorts pdf multisize sewing pattern for Women .

Easy crop top is constructed with 2 top sections, finished with binding on neckline & armholes. Sporty detail allows you to dabble in some colour blocking if you wish. Or try a classic look using 1 colour. Easy crop top is lined with elastic sewn into the hem. Simple methods of stretch sewing are used in this pattern, making it a perfect beginner’s project. It can be made on a standard sewing machine using only zig zag stitches if necessary. Our instructions also include suggested stitch for our beginners!

Gym shorts Our Gym /dance shorts are a very simple classic cut.3 Easy pieces to sew together no elastic or lining. Shorts are finished with band, a great quick project to make.


New pdf pattern Gym shorts by Swim style

pdf Gym shorts Womens  pattern

pdf Gym shorts Womens pattern

Welcome to our new pdf pattern Gym shorts for women.

This is an easy fast pattern to sew. Great for beginners who have never sewn lycra before. Our pdf patterns are sent to you within 24 hours of purchase . During Australian business hours its  generally within 4 hours.

There is no elastic ,just 2 pattern pieces. Place the band on the fold & cut 2 of the shorts section. Done!

All you need is 1/2 metre  (20 inches ) of Lycra fabric & cotton to match. Our patterns are written in metric & imperial measurements .Step by step sewing instructions ,which include illustrations & how to print & assemble pattern tiles .

Sewing instructions for pdf Sun lover bikini for girls

Sun lover girls bikini pattern

Sun lover girls bikini pattern

pdf sewing instructions Sun lover bikini Girls

Not sure about making a swim suit,

If you would like to read our sewing instructions on our new pattern click on the link above.

If you would like to purchase the full pdf pattern complete with pattern tiles see below and purchase through our Checkout .We will email you the pattern within 24 hours of purchase.

The complete pdf  sun lovers pattern is only $12.It is available on our pdf patterns page.Go to our pdf patterns page – Sun lover pdf pattern to purchase you own Sun lover pdf pattern and start your own Swim Style creation!


New pattern by Swim Style available now

Sun lover bikini girls

Sun lover bikini girls

Sun lover bikini for girsl

Sun lover bikini for girsl

Sun lover Bikini pattern for girls

Girls size 6 to 14

Try this fresh new Swim style pattern design for girls size 6 to 14.Create a dramatic block look by using bright colours to highlight the crisp design featuring front panel seams, or for an alternate look, use a pretty floral pattern & contrast binding.

Finished with binding throughout to give a professional finish. Top features a cross over back ,tie ends threaded through back casings for extra detail. Briefs are cut in low leg style & a higher waistline add to the styling. Sun lover design is fully lined throughout.

Sun lover pattern instructions include how to print & assemble pattern tiles, step by step sewing instructions including illustrations & photos.

This pattern is quick & easy to print out ,only 10 pattern tiles. Follow the instructions how to print & assemble & you will be ready to create your Swim Style Sun lover bikini.

Swim style for girls

Swim style for girls

Swim style for girls

Swim style for girls .

This is one of the styles we will be making for our girls swimwear range.

So new, we haven’t named it yet ! It is fully lined with adjustable straps & dynamic print inserts through the front of the suit.

Our girls range will be size 8 to 14 .We will be designing a few more styles for this range .

Styler one piece by Swim Style

Styler one piece by Swim Style

Styler one piece by Swim Style

Styler  One piece by Swim Style

Our 2nd design in our one piece range .

This design features asymmetrical style panels  mixing print & solid colour. This style is designed to make a flattering line down the body while adding support with the sewn in bra cups & bra casing .The adjustable straps can be removed .Suit is fully lined .

Styler One piece by Swim Style

Styler One piece by Swim Style

Styler one piece by Swim Style

Styler one piece by Swim Style

Mystery One piece design- first look!


Mystery one piece

Mystery one piece

We have  been working on our new collection of one piece swimwear  for 2014. Our Mystery one piece in Blue & Vintage butterfly print adding a touch of colour . We will have more pics of this style coming soon.

Our new Mystery one piece is an alternative to the Mystery bikini. In keeping with the Mystery style our new one piece features adjustable straps ,sewn in bra padding . It is designed with contrast strips on the side seams ,matching top sections. This style suits women with bust sizes of A & B cup sizes. The contrast strips on the sides add to a slimming effect . This design can also be made with the print fabric in the centre & block colour on the side seams .



Mystery bikini design by Swim Style

Mystery bikini by Swim Style size 8 to 16

Mystery bikini by Swim Style size 8 to 16


Mystery bikini design by Swim Style

Mystery bikini design by Swim Style

Mystery bikini by Swim Style

We are in the final stages of finishing our new Mystery design. One more fitting on our sample here .Mystery bikini will be available in size 8 to 16 at the moment. This one is cut in floral tie dye print mixed with shiny pink lycra binding .

This one is wider at the sides and we have added more support to the top. Fully lined ,bottoms feature seam detail at the front .No side seams.

The back features a bra style back with adjustable straps .Designed and made in Australia by Swim Style .

Mystery bikini by Swim Style size 8 to 16


Calling all swimwear designers

Our Swim style designs are also available to use in small ranges for other brands. We can do an exclusive print for your label and all the pattern drafting is already done .Our samples & small production runs are sewn on industrial machines for a professional finish.

We also work on industrial machines to sew samples & small production runs .



New design by Swim Style String bikini


String bikini Vintage Butterfly print $69

New design at Swim Style.

Our new string bikini design is available in size 8 to 14.

Designed & made in Australia by Swim Style.

Features tie sides ,ruching detail on the back ,bra style back to add a detail interest .The back tie is threaded though the shoulder straps & tied at the back .The top is lined ,plus a fine padding sewn in .This gives the top a beautiful line and more support. The whole  bikini is lined top & bottom .

Available in prints Vintage Butterfly & Mono tone snakeskin.

Swim style for girls

New girls range for Swim Style

New girls range for Swim Style

finished with gold & white toggles .

New girls bikini in floral & pink lycra, with gold & white toggles to finish this pretty style..

Back view of girls Swim Style bikini

Back view of girls Swim Style bikini

Sewing tips for stretch fabrics by Swim style

Swim style sewing tips

Tips on sewing stretch fabrics

Stretch fabrics have a few dos and don’ts just like woven fabrics .If you have never sewn with stretch before, than all I can say is why?

Stretch fabrics offer a whole new world in the choice of designs on offer !Not to mention it can be a lot less complex than sewing traditional woven styles ,which include zippers ,open seams ,facings –shall we go on !

Stretch fabric produce a beautiful fit without panels, darts & so on.

Sewing stretch fabrics

Most of the seams in stretch sewing are sewn on your overlocker ,or stretch stitch from the basic sewing machine .They are generally closed ,not pressed open like woven seams .Necklines are finished with binding most of the time .

Stretch fabrics

Most stretch fabrics do not fray like woven so this also make the sewing process easier.

The stretch factor is varied, low stretch, medium and high stretch fabrics such as lycra.

Some low stretch fabrics only stretch across the fabric (weft) ,to the high stretch fabrics which generally stretch both ways .

You often have to use your own common sense here depending on what you want to make ,feel the fabric test the stretch fabric .The more you work with these fabric the more accustomed you will be with the variations of stretch fabrics. Just like woven fabrics one stretch might suit a style better than another. You will learn to use this to your advantage.

The dos

Use a stretch stitch

Use a ball point needle

Use patterns designed for stretch fabrics

Sewing machines

A basic machine with a zig zag stitch will get you started.

Over locker /serger machine is a great investment for stretch sewing.


Ok you get the message always use a stretch stitch unless otherwise stated on pattern directions .Most machines have at least 10 different stretch stitches .Have a play with each stitch type .I find the simple zig zag stitch works the best .You will have different widths on your machine in zig zag stitches which are all useful depending on the seam or hem.

Zig zag stitch ,when using this stitch as a hem or top stitch make it a close zig zag (smaller stitch length ) this will give a more professional look .

Over lockers /sergers are invaluable in sewing stretch fabrics; you can often sew almost the entire garment with this machine .It will save you heaps of time also.

If you are lucky enough to have a cover stitch machine, you will know how this machine turns your creations into professional works of Art!

The don’ts

Stretch designs are very different to woven styles in cut and sewing techniques.

Don’t use a pattern for woven designs.

Don’t use a standard needle.

Don’t use the woven methods of sewing seams.

Sewing tips from Swim style!