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Oceania bikini pattern Women size XS to 3XL


Product Description

Oceania bikini pattern is cut in a minimalistic style. This pattern is finished in the seamless style, which can be achieved on the most basic sewing machine.
This design is all about the cut! The entire swim suit is fully lined, including a double lining in the front top section for removable cups. The top features a scoop back neckline with wide straps. No clips at the back. The briefs are cut in the cheeky style. You can choose to wear the sides a little higher too.
This pattern can be printed on U S letter paper & A4 size paper.
This download includes 4 files.
File 1 of 4 includes Introduction / Info pattern sizing Fabric layout,Fabric required, pdf files layout & How to assemble pattern tiles.
File 2 of 4 includes Sewing instruction Top section
File 3 of 4 includes Sewing instructions Cheeky briefs
File 4 of 4 includes Set of 14 pattern tiles
These are all small files which can be downloaded easily.
You can keep the instructions on your computer & just print out the pattern tiles.