Junior girls Splashy Rashie pattern
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Junior Girls Splashy Rashie suit & top pattern size 2 to 7 yr


This pattern features an exposed chunky zip & dynamic style lines. The sleeves are quite fitted with shaping at the shoulder. This is created by using a front & back sleeve section.
This pattern includes 2 sleeve lengths, the full length for total sun protection
& a short sleeve which looks similar to a cap sleeve style.
This pattern includes 4 options, Rashie suit, Rashie top & 2 sleeve lengths.
The Rashie suit & top are unlined.
The Rashie suit legs are finished with a swimwear hem using 6mm or ¼ inch elastic.
This pattern is includes both Metric & Imperial measurements throughout the sewing instructions.
Pattern tiles can be printed on both A4 paper & US paper.

Sewing level Intermediate

Product Description

Splashy Rashie Suit & top pattern

This pdf sewing pattern includes 2 files

Pattern tiles set total tiles 16

Sewing directions including Size chart,How to print & assemble pattern tiles.Fabric layout, Clear Step by step sewing directions including illustrations.

You will need please note this fabric allowance is calculated on the largest size & 1 colour of fabric. If using 2 or more colours lay the pattern pieces out to calculate fabric allowance.
Fabric requirements for Rashie suit
All sizes / Lycra Fabric, interfacing & elastic Metric cm Imperial Inches
Lycra fabric width 150cm or 60 inches Rashie suit short sleeves 65 cm .7 yard or rounded to ¾ yard
Lycra fabric width 150cm or 60 inches Rashie suit long sleeves 70cm ¾ yard
Sew on Interfacing (lightweight) width 90cm or 36inch  10cm 4 inches
Elastic 6mm wide / ¼ inch wide 1mtr or / 1 yard
Rashie suit Open ended Chunky zipper

Zipper Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Chunky Open ended zipper 25cm or 10inch

Zipper Size 5 Size 6 Size 7 Chunky Open ended zipper 28cm or 11inch

Fabric requirements Rashie top All sizes

Metric cm Imperial Inches
Lycra fabric width 150cm Rashie top short sleeves 55cm  or / .6 yard or rounded up to ¾ yard
Lycra fabric width 60inch Rashie top long sleeves 60cm  or /.65 yard or rounded up to ¾ yard
Sew on Interfacing (lightweight) Width 90cm or 36inch (All sizes) 10cm 4inches
Open Ended Chunky zip ( All sizes ) 15cm 6inch