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    Mother's Stories for Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day we spoke to some beautiful women who are mothers, to celebrate the connection of sewing and motherhood.

    Some of us were taught to sew by our Mum's and some are sewing for their kids. This skill is quite commonly passed down through the generations, which make the sewing memories even more special.
    Being a Mother/Daughter business we wanted to highlight the connection between sewing and family bonds.

    In the lead up to Mother's Day, we will be sending an email out interviewing a community member to dive deeper into Motherhood and the sewing connection.
    For our second interview, we speak with Julia from the amazing fabric store @Pitttrading about her sewing journey and what has influenced her over the years.

    Julia from Pitt Trading Fabric Store

    You have an amazing fabric store, tell us about how this started and has it always been in the family?

    It all started back in the 70’s when my Mum and Dad migrated here from
    England. My Dad was working as a plumber and my Mum had just had my
    Brother. They’s bought their first home and were looking for a way to
    make some extra money. They started going to the markets on the weekend
    selling clothes, which was going ok, when one of the companies they were
    buying from asked if they would like to buy some fabric remnants to
    sell. They though, why not? And the fabric sold way better than the
    That was of course just the beginning, growing to have 4 stores across
    I joined the business officially after finishing a fashion degree at
    TAFE and we took the business online in 2018

    My mum always made us things as kids, I have fond memories of special
    book week costumes and custom tracksuits. I loved delving into mums
    sewing things and making clothes for my barbies. I was also surrounded
    by a community of wonderful Women who sewed in the women who worked for
    Pitt Trading.

    How do you balance being a Mum, running a business and find the time to sew?

    I feel so lucky to work in a creative industry that I truly love.
    Running my business allows me to be there for my 5 children when they
    need me whilst fulfilling my own creative and entrepreneurial  pursuits.
    Sewing is part of my job, which is quite nice really! That said, it can
    be hard to find the time, so I put some time aside each week that is
    just for sewing, and try to recognise that my creativity is integral to
    my business and not feel guilty that I enjoy it at the same time
    How old were you when your Mum was running the fabric store? Do you have fond memories of that time?

    I was literally born into it! As a baby I was in a bassinet in the back
    room while my mum ran the shop. We used to spend school holidays at the
    warehouse, my Brother, sister and I and often friends too. Making up
    games, playing hide and seek in the fabric racks. They were good times.
    My Mum and Dad worked really hard, which has instilled the same strong
    work ethic in me, something that I hope I’m passing on to my own