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    Frequently Asked Questions & T&C'S

    Why isnt my discount code working?

    Discount codes are not valid during sale periods or in conjunction with any other promotion code.

    I didn't receive my order confirmation email
    Please check your spam folder and make sure we're not marked as spam so that you can receive future confirmations from us too. There are multiple ways to download your pattern. When you check out, on the order confirmation page you can download the pattern on the order confirmation page. Simply click the links of each pattern and the pattern will be downloaded to your computer. You can also email us if you didn't receive the email at and we will send you the pattern files.

    What is included in a Swim Style pdf pattern digital download file?
    Each Swim style pattern file will include,

    • Step by step Clear Sewing instructions & illustrations
    • Instructions how to print & assemble pattern tiles + pattern tile map.
    • Fabric layout – Fabric required
    • Complete set of pattern tiles.
    • Most of the patterns will include more than 1 file, depending on the file size.

    We recommend you print out just the pattern tiles & read the instructions on your computer to save paper.

    Who do I contact for assistance?
    If your question is not answered on this page please contact Sharon and Justine
    If you have questions about files, patterns, printing or sewing the patterns, etc. Please email Sharon on the link above.
    Please allow 1 business day for reply.

    I have a small swimwear/fashion brand, can I use your patterns for my business:
    Yes! We love to support small swimwear and fashion labels and are more than happy for you to use our patterns. However, we do not support mass producing our patterns on a global scale. Please reach out over email if you have any questions on this. Email:

    What stitch would I use to sew the swimwear patterns on my basic sewing machine?
    A medium size zig zag stitch on a short stitch length. (This will allow the stitching to stretch with the garment).

    What type of needle should I have in the sewing machine for swimwear patterns?
    A ball point or stretch needle is essential for stretch fabric sewing. This stretch/ball point needle will prevent the needle from snagging & catching the fabric fibres.

    The illustrations show stitches in straight lines, why is it not drawn as a zig-zag stitch?
    The Illustrations contain drawings of stitches as straight stitch lines to demonstrate each step. It is not possible to draw zig-zag stitch or stretch stitch. Always use a stretch stitch unless otherwise instructed.

    What sewing skill level is required?

    Our pattern range from beginner to advanced sewing levels. Please see product details on each individual product.
    I would advise you to have some experience in sewing stretch fabrics before sewing your first swimwear pattern.
    Sewing swimwear requires a basic knowledge of stretch wear sewing.
    Stitching a knit top/T-shirt pattern or dress in a stretch fabric provides good experience before sewing swimwear.

    Refund Policy:

    Due to the nature of a digital product, we don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order.