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    Mother's Stories for Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day we spoke to some beautiful women who are mothers, to celebrate the connection of sewing and motherhood.

    Some of us were taught to sew by our Mum's and some are sewing for their kids. This skill is quite commonly passed down through the generations, which make the sewing memories even more special.
    Being a Mother/Daughter business we wanted to highlight the connection between sewing and family bonds.

    In the lead up to Mother's Day, we will be sending an email out interviewing a community member to dive deeper into Motherhood and the sewing connection.
    For our third interview, we speak with Kayla from @gracefullyvintage about her sewing journey and what has influenced her over the years.

    Kayla from @gracefullyvintage

    Tell us about how you started sewing, did your Mother have any influencer on this?

    I asked my mum to teach me about 12 years ago, she learnt how to sew when she was a child and, in her career, worked in factories as a cutter too (which explains how she's so good at cutting and fitting patterns into limited amounts of fabric). She taught me a lot of great skills and continues to give me great sewing advice and guidance when I need it. I'm very thankful she taught me the skill of sewing and we share that love together, she's very good at it and I love seeing what she's working on. I also remember watching her sew as a child and was always so curious to learn one day. We have lots of family history of sewing too.

    I remember always watching my mum sew and she used to make me lots of cute outfits when I was little so now it is exciting to make clothes for my daughter.

    Has your Mother influenced your style at all? If so, how?

    I think there has been many times over the years that we've influenced each other's style and dressed similarly at times too haha. Mum has always been supportive of me expressing myself through the way I dress, from being 12 or 13 and only wearing full outfits of pink or when I dressed in full pin-up/vintage style everyday.
    What do you find special about Mother's Day?

    Although I don't need a special day for it as I get appreciated every week, I love seeing my daughter get excited about the day. I don't need gifts or flowers but really appreciate a special card from my daughter and husband which I keep and look back on.
    Will you teach your little ones to sew at any stage?
    Yes, I can't wait to teach my daughter how to sew and she has already expressed that she would like to sew too. She is so creative and already has so many ideas when we go to fabric stores, it will be so special to teach her such an amazing skill. 

    Thank you Kayla for sharing your sewing & Motherhood story x