I am SO in love with this hack. It's beyond beautiful. We wanted to give something back to the community at Christmas time this year, I hope you enjoy the free skirt pattern and this hack.  Don't forget to share and tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #connieskirt #conniedress 


To complete this dress you will need 2 patterns:

The FREE Connie skirt, you can access this pattern by signing up to the email list, you will be sent an email with a link to download your new pattern.

You will also need the Tallulah Tie Top pattern, you can purchase this here:  Tallulah Tie Top


It’s essentially 3 simple steps. 

Step 1 Create a wide hem / channel at the centre front of the top section.

Step 2 Add 3 small loops to the skirt waistband seam on the inside at the centre front.

Step 3 Make a thin long tie to combine the top and skirt section at the front.

Supplies you will need:

Skirt loops

The skirt loops can be made from scrap fabric or tape or bias binding.

Tape or bias binding is a simple fast no fuss option to make your loops from. We recommend a width from 6mm or ¼ of an inch to 12mm or ½ inch.

To create the tie:

I have used left over scrap fabric from the Tallulah Tie Top and Connie skirt to make the long tie. You could also use ribbon or contrasting fabric also.

Front section

I have folded the front section of the top in ½ so you can see the shape of the hem. I have pressed a fold line and place pins along it. This will be turned under to the wrong side.

You can see in the photograph the centre front edge is straight and then cuts upwards in a curve shape on each side.

We are just going to fold the straight edge under to the wrong side by 4cm or 1 ½ inches. This will create a wide channel to thread the long tie through.

Press the lower edge of the top under 4cm or 1 ½ inches along the straight edge. 

Stitch the hem/channel in position. As shown.

Making the loops

Cut 3 loops 7cm or 3 inches each out of your tape or bias binding or loops you have made from your scrap fabric.

Sewing steps to make your fabric loops.

Cut out a piece of fabric 4cm or 1 ½ inches wide x 30cm or 12 inches long.

Fold it right sides together and stitch the long edges together, turn it right sides out and press it.

From this piece cut 3 lengths of 7cm or 3inches long loops and discard the leftover piece.

Stitch the loops to the waist band seam

Find the centre of the front waist seam line and mark with a pin. Measure out 5cm or 2 inches on each side and mark both outer sides with a pin also. 

I am using bias tape for mine so you can see the loops in the picture.

Stitch the loops to the seam line of the skirt on the inside. Take care to stitch the loops the seam allowance only.

Making the tie

Make a tie about 1 metre or just over 1 yard long. You can make it longer if you prefer it’s up to you.

I have found double bias binding works nicely as a tie. For this tutorial we will instruct you to make the simplest form of a long tie.

I recommend to make the finished width of the tie 12mm to 20mm wide or ½ inch to ¾ of an inch wide.

Sewing steps to make the long tie

Cut out a piece of fabric 4cm or 1 ½ inches wide x 1metre or 1 ¼ yards long.

Fold the fabric right sides together at the long sides. Stitch. Turn the tie right sides out and hem the short ends.

Place the top and skirt with the wrong side facing up as I have. I have turned the skirt inside out and opened up the top.

Thread the tie through the channel of the top section. Thread the long tie through the channel of the top section.

Take one end of the tie and thread it through the outer and centre loops as I have in the picture.

Thread the remaining tie end through the opposite loop and centre loop. 

Gently pull the ties and draw the top section down.

You can tighten the ties to your preference. Try on the dress and see how it sits best on you. The tighter you pull the ties the closer they will sit under the casing of the skirt section. Tie the tie ends together when you have it just how you want it.