This week we speak to the incredible Jessica from @The_Fashionable_Therapist 

Not only is Jessica known for her impeccable taste in fabric and style but also her wisdom and clarity when it comes to therapy and just life in general. Jessica has a fantastic blog filled with knowledge and some really relatable life lessons, plus how her sewing journey helps her balance it all out. You can find that here. In the mean time get to know Jessica a little better, below.

Tell us your name & Instagram name?
My name is Jessica Leigh Webb and my IG handle is 

Do you have a favourite fabric store?
I'm really buying lots of things from Mood and right now. I can't say I have a just let the fabric (and the sales) tell me where I should be buying from!

How do you juggle everyday life and fit a good sewing session in?
I'm inspired to sew because I it helps me to restore and replenish myself after a long day of providing psychotherapy to others. Also, I dream of fashion. When I sleep I make pattern and fabric decisions and it makes me feel whole. Creating and sewing helps me to feel that I've said all I need to say....without saying a word.

















What describes you best: Perfectionist or just get started and see what happens?

I think I'm a nice mix of spontaneity and perfectionism. I'm not going to lie, there are times when I feel paralyzed by anxiety to start a project because of my hesitancy to make fabric and style decisions (perfectionism), and I hate it. But, there are also times that I have a vision and I just need to make it happen...IMMEDIATELY! Those are the times I don't worry about making mistakes or even outcomes...I just do it. Recently, I've started using the hashtag  #justsewthething to encourage myself to remember that what's most important is my ability to be creative....uninhibited.


Do you have any favourite sewing influencers?

There is no way I can name everyone who positively influences me on my sewing journey because I believe that we all affect each other everyday in ways that we intend and in ways we don't.  But the few that immediately come to mind are @thatssewmonica @ericabunker @mydailythreadzme @keechiibstyle @mimigstyle @yesimademydress @ravenmaureen_ @sewmuchjazz @thecornyrainbow @tmichey @jessjustmade .....I could literally go on for days.


Do you have a favourite Swim Style pattern

I'm caught between the billow sleeve top and the Midi Flared and Tiered skirt. I like the endless styling options of the sporty or sophisticated top and the limitless fabric options of the skirt.....I can't choose!

Whats on your current “To sew” list?

Right now, I'm sewing all things fall! I'm about to start  the "Sagebrush" top and "Cambria" duster by Friday Pattern Company and the "Lisa" loungewear set and "Madison" cardigan by @stylesewme patterns. My fall wardrobe is starting to take shape!