This week we speak with someone who will brighten your day with her sewing posts and blogging - Raven Maureen. At Swim Style, we have been huge fans of Ravens style but also her positive and her blissful approach to sewing. You can't not smile when you see one of her posts! However, Don't be mistaken thinking Raven is just a pretty face, Raven has just released a free e-book with everything you need to know about sewing denim (you can find that here) She also writes a very informative sewing blog with pattern reviews, tips and tricks, that we get some major inspo from! And to top it all off she somehow finds the time to host a live series which was sparked after the tragic loss of George Floyd. Raven and Nef (hosts of the series) have called the series a place for healing and storytelling. Which is exactly what so many people need. You can follow the The Cookout Series on Instagram here.

Now, can't you see why we are a little in awe of Raven? She is invaluable she is to the sewing community!

Get to know Raven a little better in our Q&A below.


Tell us your name & Instagram name? 

 My friends and family call me Raven! You can find me over @ravenmaureen_

We have to start with that great smile of yours! It's so uplifting to see, has sewing always made you happy? Or have you been practicing your skills for some time to get to the sewing level you are at now? 

I started my sewing journey years ago when I took an elective in high school. I was terrible in the class and really lacked the patience to make my projects. But the more I practiced sewing, the more confident I became - so I guess my smile comes from knowing where I started and how far I've come!

Is there a reason or a person that helped you start sewing? 

I come from a family of creative people. My aunts sew and knit and my mom is an interior decorator. I grew up around creativity, DIY projects, fabrics and knitting. It didn't come as a surprise to anyone in my family that I decided to take a sewing class all those years ago and that I blog about it today.


When you are ready to start a new project, do you look for a pattern to suit a particular trend or look? Or do you prefer to browse with an open mind? 

I do a little bit of both! I definitely follow the trends that I love or recreate something that I saw online or in a store. And other times, I have an open mind and I create original pieces.

What has been your most satisfying make so far? And why?

Whew! That's an easy question. Without a doubt, my denim jacket. I started it in May, redid the welt pockets 4 times and completely burned out after that. Then I picked it back up earlier this month and finished it up. It was so satisfying to finish. The topstitching and the thickness of the denim may turn away a lot of sewists but I recommend this project to anyone up for the challenge!

What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

My favorite fashion trend at the moment are the monochromatic neutral tone jogging suits. They look so yummy on everyone. I definitely followed up and made a set for myself! I wear it all the time now.

Do you have a favourite Swim Style pattern?

 I really love your swimsuits! I love the variety. Shopping for swimwear is so tricky, I love that you provide so many options for patterns.

Tell us a little about the Cookout Series and how can people find you there?

The Cookout Series is a live series hosted by me and my friend Nefertiti. We started the series after the death of George Floyd. We went live one night to talk about our feelings and shortly after that, there was a huge demand for us to make it a series. We just wrapped our season finale a few weeks ago but you can catch all the episodes over @thecookoutseries. We're coming back in the Spring with new episodes!


What do you love about the sewing community? 

The amount of support and community in the sewing community is astounding and unmatched. I feel like we're a really tight group but I just love our little corner of the internet.